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Is it Worth Buying? Nike Lunarglide 8 Review (Comparison & On Feet)

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Style: 843725-001

The Nike LunarGlide 8 Men’s Running Shoe offers breathable support and exceptionally soft cushioning to help you glide through your longest runs.
Engineered mesh provides comfortable breathability while Flywire technology adapts to your foot for a secure fit.
The soft, contoured Lunarlon midsole has precision-lasered cuts on the sides that collapse during footstrike to help you reach a smoother stride.
A Dynamic Support platform adds comfortable, lightweight stability without weighing you down.
Collar is lined with lightweight foam for comfort
Molded pods help disperse impact for responsive cushioning
Inner sleeve adds breathability and a sock-like fit
Joseph Kleese : I love what they did with the 8. It reminds me of the LunarEpic low. They look great and if the price doesn't drop for the lunarepics you can still get the same kind of shoe because all lunar flyknits prices drop
Austin D : Great review. My favorite is still the Lunarglide 4 because it is where Nike started a drastic change in design for them. Lunarglide 8 seems to follow the more current streamlined approach, but I definitely like it too
Chris Gerard : i like the cleaner aesthetics on the 8..the older versions had too much going on
Tyrone : As an over pronater, I've run in the LG 1s , 3s, 4s and 6s. I skipped the 7s as they just changed the upper. As a runner, you get great support for 120 bucks. As opposed to let's say an Asics gel Kyano which is retail 160. Good review and very consistent with other reviews, especially they mentioning of the soles and how they get rocks and anything else can get stuck. I still run in my 6s.
K. Garcia : the 8s have a clean aesthetic compared to the 6 and 7s. the older models look outdated compared to the way the sneaker game is currently (I.e. Roshe, pure boost, etc). runners are more streamlined and kind of have a large outsole that tapers off to the front. the 8s resemble that look, and I feel that is a better look overall.

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