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Why the iPod Touch 3rd Gen is still worth it in 2020!

This video is about the iPod Touch 3G, a device Apple published in 2009 what makes it 11 years old! But this device is still a very fast and reliable MP3 player - and I'll tell you why!
I hope you enjoyed this video :)

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6E1fj_8aKchU-qhMtrlzJnBnMGFZK4tj
ArdenPips Defunct : Great video!!
Mitch Rv : You deserve wayyy more subscribers for the quality content

I love your video BTW!
Kaon : what, you can use meme?

then congratulation son of a B R U H, im in
Jake : you got a list of those old games?
Nick Randall : How did you get the old games. I’ve got a 2nd gen on iOS 2 and I’m trying to install games on it lol.

Using An iPod Nano 3rd Gen (2007) In 2021 | Classic Tech

The iPod Nano 3rd Generation was Apple's flagship iPod Nano from the year 2007. It was very popular thanks to its small size and long playback times. In 2020, iPods are all but dead and only used by a handful of people who like using them. Despite using my iPhone 11 to listen to music, I thought I will use this old iPod for a day as my music player and see what its like so many years later. This is my experience in a video!
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Pet Palace : I got this model recently. I ordered it on Mercari and it came in the mail on Thursday. Mine is silver and has a red silicone case I got from eBay. I also have a pink case that came with a red case with a screen protector. I love the wheel and Vortex is a fav game of mine on the nano. I never had one of these as a kid or teen.

I love listening to music on it. I currently have 92 songs on it close to 100. I’m having fun with my nano.
Aaron : I have both a 3rd gen nano and a 7th gen nano
Snip_King : I'm using mine still!!!
Really small
Jay Lynn : Where can we buy this??
nessuklee124 : na-no

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Review [8GB]

This is my review of the iPod Touch 3rd Gen 8GB model. Watch my thoughts on this product, as it is pretty much a 2nd gen device...\r
For reference, this is proof that by technicality, it is a 3rd Gen [Late 2009] Model...\r
That Crazy Kid : Review starts at 3:15 no need to thank me
Ro MaN : did you know that ipod is base on iphone 2G
Sufian : Those years.
GoldRatio : what a rare fossil
Star S : I have this and its my childhood




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