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Refill Canon PGI-725-225-325-425-525-625-825, CLI-726-226-326-426-526-626-826 Inkjet Cartridge

Can be use for Canon PGI-225, CLI-226, BCI-325, BCI-326, PGI-425, CLI-426, PGI-525, CLI-526, PGI-625, CLI-626, PGI-825, CLI-826, Inkjet Cartridge.
Auto-Convection Refill System, can be auto stop.

Auto refill Canon PGI-725 CLI-726 series cartridges

Auto refill Canon PGI-225/CLI-226, PGI-325/CLI-326, PGI-425/CLI-426, PGI-525/CLI-526, PGI-725/CLI-726, PGI-825/CLI-826 Cartridges

One of the big problems with filling an inkjet cartridge is that it is very easy to overfill a cartridge causing a mess which results in an unpleasant experience for the user. The poor fill also results in a cartridge which will not achieve good results in the printer.

This new ink filling device for printer cartridges has the special ability to prevent over-filling. The device is also universal in nature and suitable for a wide range of cartridges from various printer manufacturers. It's a non complicated device which is very easy to use and solves the overfilling problem.

Turn the device upside down and insert the fill needle into the cartridge. Position the top needle to the height the cartridge is to be filled (predetermined level) . The ink will start flowing from the device into the cartridge. As the ink reaches the level of the vent needle air can no longer flow into the device and the ink will stop flowing to the cartridge.

The cartridge has been filled to the predetermined level. It's that simple!

Auto refill Canon PGI 725 CLI 726 series cartridges YouTube
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