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About KCS

Dear KCS members

I greet you all in late spring, taking up my duty as the eleventh president.

The Korean Continence Society has carried out many tasks amidst the ever-changing medical field. And we enter upon the second half of 2009, having finished the conference in a great success. I express my gratitude to all members who have strived to make the Society great. I hope you are willing to encourage and help me and directors to well manage the Society for two years. I will administer our Society with the following four purposes.

First, the activation of the Society by harmony between the old and new members. I will lead our Society based on the experience and foundation that the senior members have accumulated. On the other hand, I will accept new and fresh talents who find a new way of study to pursue the ceaseless development of our Society. And I will make conditions that will allow directors to more enthusiastically serve the Society.
Second, I will actively enhance the foundation to win recognition as to the expertise of our Society.
Third, I will improve academic exchange with relevant fields of study such as neurological sciences and pain at home, and with academic societies in Asia, Oceania, the America and Europe like the Pan-Pacific Continence Society and the Society For Urodynamics & Female Urology at abroad.
Fourth, I will make a favorable impression of public serving practitioners through continuous public volunteer services to improve the recognition of our Society and relevant diseases.

It makes my heart hurt to see today’s medical environment becoming tougher, as climate environment is rapidly changing. But, we will extend our expertise amidst new changes and keep the people healthy while maintaining the Society’s identity built up by our seniors. We will do our utmost, with our full sincerity and wisdom, to perform our mission to make nothing clogged or leaked. May God bless you, your families and workplaces and all things you do. Thank you.

Joon Chul Kim
President of the Korean Continence Society

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